About Us

We are a non-profit organization that works with chronically ill children and children with cancer at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital as well as children at Special Days Camp. Pageant titleholders as well as local fire and police officers attend parties to make little girls into "queens" and little boys into heroes.

Sponsors & Donors:

Grand Rapids Fire Dept
Keeki Pure & Simple
Mary Kay
Helen Devos Children's Hospital
Levels of Discovery
Panopoulos West - Standale
Walker Police & Fire
Jayne Keur (make up)
Vonnie Sypkens (handmade giveaways)
Fields Fabric- Standale
Family Fare - Lake Michigan Drive, Grand Rapids
Julie Sypkens (Photography)
Jenifer Betteridge (accessories)
Heather Frank (accessories)
S & S Salon
John Riley Photography
...and more

Each party may only last a few hours, but memories last a lifetime!

Directors: Julie McGraw & Heather Dewey
Former Director & Chapter Founder: Brooke Ondersma
Board Member: Robyn Besteman
HFAD Partners: Brad Brown, Rob Pease, and the GRFD

National Chapter: Jenna Edwards http://www.qfad.org/

(Missing: Robyn Besteman)